04 October 2007

Rollerblades and Electric Cars

My "Things that Go Boom" class is often thought provoking. A statistics class that specialises on systems that grow and potentially collapse. We talk often of the world population's cunsumption rates. They are just small enough to be ignorable to those who wish ignorance, yet big enough to be unsustainable in the future.

How? Fossil Fuels.

So that made me suggest a movie that was suggested to me once by Andreas, "Who Killed the Electric Car". I hadn't seen it though, so this was a blind reccomendation posed as if I had. On that note, I decided to pull up tv-links online, and finally found it on Google Video instead.

It's not downloaded on my computer, so 'it's as if it were on TV' is how I see it. I never watch TV much, rots the brain so Wonka told me.

This movie is angering, saddening, inspiring, informative, and really neat to boot. It goes through the Zero Emission Bill in California, GM's EV1 electric car and the political beaurocracy and terrible opposition to moving away from costly cumbustion engine technology.

Simon and I are both planning on building an electric car in the future. We decided this ages ago, but I am even more resolute after veiwing this documentary. All we need is a lightweight car, and about $2500 to do the conversion job. Obviously I wont do this now. I'll have to have a car to drive and my own garage to work on this in.

I'm going to work towards living the way I envision everyone living. I intend to have a solar powered house, an electric powered car, and a Linux powered Computer network/ Entertainment system.


After getting all riled up about this and having nothing to do I could feel my back killing me. It was time yet again to get out. My friends were in class or out and about already, so it was me time. I grabbed my bag and walked out the door.

A couple of days ago I took my friend Danielle to the sports shop to get a new pair of rollerblades. She has small feet, so hers were cheap, say $60. While I was there I got a pair of padded palm gloves and a nice black helmet. They rather become me I think. In any case I'm not so afraid to crack my skull nor do my hands hurt as badly when I do fall.

So I slung my big headphones around my neck and turned up the Jet Set Radio soundtracks. Surprisingly, the bag carrying my shoes didn't get in my way as much as anticipated.

I rode Through many parking lots by the side of the school and generally got my blades adjusted. It was just those first few minutes where you really get into the skate and tighten it accordingly.

I stopped at the Radioshack to see what they had. Really nice hard drive camcorder. The manager was telling a story about Russian car makers who copied this Italian car down to the last bolt. One of the guys there was nice enough to create a make-shift cup out of paper and tape so I could have a glass of water. People do nice things if you only ask.

I went back the way I came so that the sun was at my back and eventually found myself near the highway. The signs announced the way over to west street, so I figured I'd stay in the breakdown lane until i could get back to the city. At times I'd have to cut corners through the grass to avoid losing safe room to roll.

Getting back into town I found my way over to the Blockbuster where my friend Kim works, but shortly got myself re-lost. I jumped fences and crossed through lots of nooks and crannies. I ended up near the obama headquarters and the Hilary hutt too. This was getting a bit long, but I had no real rush to be anywhere.

I found a bike trail that I was sure would lead me back to campus. It was real nice; newly paved it seemed. Sure enough it dumped right out by Butler Ct, which leads straight to Carle Hall. Home sweet home. Home away from home, but when you're thirsty that's just good enough.

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