19 May 2010

QGrub2Editor v1.2

The interface is tightened up, and I fixed a potential bug with setting the Distributor to auto.

Hit up google code for the download!


tetris4 said...

hello and thank you for this useful application!

Could you please include in the .tar.gz some info (a readme or install file) on how to install qgrub2editor from source?

I ran "make" in the qgrub2editor directory and am then able to start the application by clicking on the executable file, however isn't there any way to install it?

Sam said...

As it is, I "install it by dropping it into /usr/bin and adding a menu item for it. I'm assuming that you're on a 32bit machine if you used the source code. I'll make a VM and create a deb package soon then.

Since I now know people are using it.