04 August 2010

Living the High Life

So, I bought a nook. That's right. Not a Kindle. :D

It looks a bit like the Hitchhiker's Guide, to me. I've been reading a lot of books since I got it. I've been reading Hitchhiker's Guide 5 & 6, a book about lucid dreaming, lots of manga, and Flatland. Also, I've picked up some dead tree books too! I think the nook is a nice kicker to rekindle my love of books.  Felix got me a really neat looking book in french called, "Tout Ubu". I'm curious to see how well I'm going to read that. That was awesome of Felix to think of. I need to practice my fran├žais.

Speaking of which, my birthday party was fantastic. Good friends over, including hoffa, good food, and funny youtube videos. As it should be. Many of the videos we watched were music videos of new music, like Chromeo's "Night by Night". The cookout was good. We had burgers. chips with dip, pretzels with hummus, tricolour pasta salad, and I made cole slaw. We finished off with Evangelion 2.22, which is a lot longer than I remember, but probably because of all the interruptions, and leavings :( . I got a whole set of Sonic the Hedgehog plushies from Lena. Aw, that girl knows what I like. I also got a bunch of neat books. Very awesome birthday.

We got a lot of sun on Saturday. The beach was warm, the water was cold, and I had a new bathing suit. It was actually a suit I'd seen earlier, that Lena thoughtfully surprised me with. An early birthday present. I noticed a lot of francophones walkin' around. There were also a few shops with signs saying "Nous parlons fran├žais". I like hearing french spoken in NH.

Work has been really good. Learning a lot about Java, software engineering with a team, CVS, GUI work, and such. This has been the best thing I could have ever done for my career as a programmer.

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