13 November 2007

Cellulose is (nearly) forever

So I finally got to look at all my miniDV tapes today. I hooked up my camera to my computer, and I'm going to make sure this camera lasts forever. But I popped the tapes in one by one and looked through them all.
The first tape was labeled "maskers '06". My goodness. Maskers room cleaning, the clips of newspaper on the door, the Anne Frank rehearsals, the goofing off with Graham Grinell and Sam Chamberlain, it was all amazing. I think I really miss the board.

My goodness those were good times.
The next tape I looked through was my Young Artist's and Film Maker's Camp. I captured my roommates Ian and Levi on tape. They were great photographers. Ian was a tall lanky kid, but real down to Earth. This kid went everywhere around the world and had AMAZING pictures to prove it. I still have a folder filled with just his photos. Levi... Levi was that cool guy with long hair who listened to Bob Dylan for a while. Levi always had the artsy chicks swooning around him. Neat guys. Then I saw the shot of the mirror and saw that fedora and matrix shirt. I wore that hat everywhere, because it was the easiest way for people to pick me out as an individual within the one week I was there.

The last tape is my favorite. "Movies '06". It had all the creative film stuff I did since 2006. It had my urban french grafitti film, clips from when Nick and I helped Jayme out with his Civilization class project, clips from the scene of "Theta" I finished, and, most recently, two scenes from "Rose Colored Bleu". Rose Colored Bleu was a film too big for me to have made at that time. The first scene was when I had Aaron Gaylord and Brian Neveaux play the characters. It was rewritten a thousand times since then. The other scene was with me and Emelia from this summer. I was a terrible writer and only an okay writer. The best bits were when we kept the camera rolling for fun. Geez those were good times. This past summer was the best time of my life, and that tape reminded me just HOW good it was.

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