30 November 2007

Millyard Collaborative Studios

So I've made a few little videos in the past right?
WRONG... it turns out I've helped make A LOT of films.

Brainstorming with nick Pascoal, my long time friend and film collegue, and I decided that we ought to start something new. Nick united our group of film making friends under one organization, Basement Prime Studios. Theres nothing official in document, but a name in itself can inspire and rally support. BPS was made to represent our beginnings, the basement. When it came to the videos we made at his house, that was literal. So, we came up with an idea to have new teams of people to make films with when we went off to places and schools to make films, yet we still are interconnected.

Thats where Millyard Collaborative Studios comes along, yet again a name. I'm going to produce films under the name Ambient Smoke Team, a member of the Millyard Collaborative Studios. It keeps us connected to our centralized location, Manchester ergo Millyard, yet allaws us the freedom of newness.

Now you may ask "why go through all this complexity?" If you keep people organized, connected, and give them a sense of a greater cause, then they are more willing and excited about the work. It says, "Hi! I mean something! I want to go into film festivals!" instead of "Hi' I'm making an amateur youtube film!"

SO I made a website and showcased all of our (Sam and Nick) work made under Basement Prime Studios as a "legacy collection", telling people that though good, we are going to do better. Man, there i so many things here. It really inspires me and its so much nicer to have a website than to have just a CD-ROM filled with oddly labeled videos. These are films.

I can't wait to watch these old videos with Zach. He helped me out with those videos I made more than I thought or gave him credit for.

The Site

The Legacy Collection

My Early Stuff

My Later Stuff

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Liv said...

Awesome. Good luck! :)