14 June 2008

Too Long since my last post

So I've Decided to buy myself an iPod Touch. I know, I know, I'm gonna have to crack it and use wifi and sshfs junk to transfer to ubuntu. Oh well, it sounds like a fun project, and if all else fails I'll use my macbook. It's too cool not to get. I've got two broken iPods from Kyle, who works over at Nadeau's, the restaurant inside the gas station I work at. So the plan is to fix them, sell them and my own iPod, and then purchase touch goodness. I've fixed the broken 4G iPod and Becca is gonna buy it. The 5G iPod (Video)

is still broken, but hopefully it's just a battery fix. So altogether I should make out with $300 from ipod sales. The iPod Touch is $300 for 8 GB, but thats not enough memory for me, I'm going for the 16 Gb for $400. I still need a buyer for my own 4G iPod.

Remember folks, these aren't Touches or iPhones, so they work with amarok and winamp as well as iTunes!

On another note, I've bought a VGA adapter for my xbox and a VGA switcher box. So now I can hook up my dreamcast, xbox, and computer all on the same screen. NICE.

Oh, and if you haven't heard, I'm changing my major from Film to Computer Science. The film's I've made this past year have been great and were a wonderful learning experience, but if I'm to pay for my education, I'd like to learn to program. Film can be a hobby I experiment with. It was a good excuse to get a macbook (though Keene doesn't use Final Cut, stupid Avid), but I really think I'll benefit from this more.

If you haven't seen my films,


Fallen: Director's Cut

Jeremy's First Day


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