30 September 2008

Web Site

The web site is up.

It started as part of my Web design class but, I've wanted to do this for ages, and now finally I have something to be proud of. All of my videos, showcased categorically and in one place. The whole world can see it, but really just friends and family will, and that's okay.
Some of this stuff is grandly nostalgic. Especially the Basement Studios Prime stuff.

I'm very glad I got the green light from Nick to have the two BPS videos on my site. The only conditions are that I credit him and keep Progressive as an unlisted video (can't search for it or watch it in myspace, only here, where I allow it to be seen). That's best. Of course, I shouldn't have worried so much, It's not like I'm uploading the Faction trailer again. Oh the mishaps.

For those not in the know, we had a trailer that showed most of the action-oriented scenes of the Faction, rather than the society building scenes. Y'know, it was showy. We shared this with the wrong type of people, high school teachers. They freaked out and misinterpreted the words "history repeats itself" with something to do with Columbine, which was just before our time so we don't really know anything about it. So when our friend Damien, who was in the trailer came to school with a bullet proof vest on for a school project, they freaked out. Now I understand procaution, but lecturing us and saying it was anything more than a misunderstanding was just wrong. They acted like we had done something wrong. I think they actually might've said the word terrorist.

That trailer will never be online again, because it brings back memories of half of our parents acting psychotic. Lots of parents understood it was a misunderstanding of art, and it was wrong of the school to act as they did after finding out the benevolence of the situation. Others just closed their ears and ran around with their heads cut off.

Since then, disclaimers and legalese have been a part of a lot of content we post.

So yea, Youtube and Myspace videos are together there, the Google Video stuff seems to no longer work, so that's more work on me to re-upload stuff to myspace or youtube. Uploading takes so long. On top of that, the school has a really wonky internet connection. I thought we were supposed to have a T1 line? Everyone should just go optical, it would ease a lot of pain.

I don't yet have a domain name. No I intend to wait. That'll cost me a little bit yearly, but the site is really in beta.

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