18 October 2008

Jp Vs US : Jet Set Radio

I bought Jet Set Radio as my first Dreamcast game, and I absolutely fell in love. The game just emits this aura of style and awesome. I've beaten it, COMPLETELY, with all unlockable characters (including Potts the dog) and all graffiti souls.

Just a couple months ago, I decided to buy the Japanese version of the game. It was merely for collectors reasons, but partly bragging rights. I've been noticing the stark differences already. Some of the music in the game is different.

The Japanese only tracks are:

Dunny Boy Williamson Show
by Deavid Soul

Many Styles
by O.B. One

I love that first track, It plays in Shibuya.

The American levels aren't supposed to be included. I haven't gotten that far, but the largest clue of that being true, is that Combo and Cube are some of the first unlockable characters. What's even weirder? Cube looks different in the Japanese version. Instead of a black top and black pants, she wears a long sleeve flames shirt with a grey shirt on top and rolled up jeans.

This is really neat. I love this game so much more than the sequel.
Owning the Japanese version of a game coming from a time where all consoles were region locked and the games did differ... is really cool.

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