12 November 2008

Annoyed with Ignorant music listeners

I am very passionate about music, which makes me upset to see people misunderstand 2 very important things.

1. (only) 80% of Rap is crap.

People don't understand this, but it's true. At some point, there was a distinction made where someone said, "I'm going to make good rap" and other people said, "I like this gutter we're following."

What most rap does, is they take a huge sample of a song and repeat the quiet bits to rap inside of. My generation and generations before us are completely unaware of the beautiful music that these people are stealing. These artists are stealing from sixties, eighties, ninties, heck even songs from the turn of the century (that's 2000+ for those thinking turn of last century.)! Not 8 years old and Kanye West is already remixing Harder, Better Faster Stronger. And a side note, "You can be my black Kate Moss tonight"? Pick a black woman, don't be racist, or pick a better rhyme idiot.

There was a kid humming Beethoven's 9th symphony in middle school one day, I asked him about it. He got all indignant about it and matter-of-factly told me it was a rap song, apparently a happy birthday kinda rap. This kid had no idea of the classic being ruined.

I'm all for remixes, but people don't know that there's song being sampled. It's not called Beethoven's 9th (Birthday remix). They get so confused when they hear the real song. Don't remix a song and say you're "sampling" it. When you sample a song, it's subtle and something you'd have to look through a song to find. Good examples of sampling can be found at Palm Out Sounds' Sample Wednesday feature. That is blatant stealing. Some things are kosher, like using tainted love for Rihanna's SOS, but R&B usually is pretty good at the fine line. Most stealing sounds just damn stupid.

Most rap is unoriginal, uninspired, and filled with expletives and grunts (whats the difference?). Why do so many rap "stars" slur, mumble, and talk sexist? Morons.

A couple examples of "Good" rap:
Jurassic 5
Solillaquists of Sound
Del tha Funky Homosapien as the spectar haunting the Gorillaz

2. "Techno" is a word warped more than any political term

"I hate techno, I mean anyone can repeat something a billion times" - I heard that today and I wanted to scream about the gorgeous music I have on my computer, about the metaphors and interesting questions about having the songs "Human after all" and "Robot Rock" on the same album, about a gagillion other things. I wanted to explode.

People lump a huge plethora of electronic music genres into one word, "techno". This is so wrong it just shakes my very core. Let me lay it out for you, okay?

It is a mostly repetetive form of simple music whose intentions are the dance floor. Often a simple phrase or vocoded (voice's percussion is kept, but the melody is replaced by synthesizer/keyboard input) singing accompanies the melody. This has mostly been shaped by France the past few years. Daft Punk anyone?

It is a complex and elegant genre with similarities to classical music. Extended scores and flowing soundscapes that build tension and release it to epic proportions. This is music that rewards the listener. This has mostly been shaped by the group, Infected Mushroom.

It is a complex and somewhat hectic form of music noted for it's fast bass, often piano, and sped up vocals (it accentuates the natural warble in singing). This began in the early nineties (circa '94) and is most know to the "raver music". Lots of DJ somethingorothers.

Um... DJ Shadow is a good example, hard to explain other than repeat the name.

Basically Pop music, with many elements from House music. Eiffel 65 is a good example.

Every genre or type of music has a gagillion combination and/or subgenres.
Heck, the most notable electronic music, musicians are hard to classify The Prodigy and Basement Jaxx, though Prodigy started out more hardcore and Basement Jaxx started out more House, both are now hard to classify as anything other than "Electronica" or "Electronic Music".

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Zachary W Sarette said...

Don't forget about the other europop stars, like Lasgo, Milk inc. Scatman, and Sylver!

Europop is a way of life, man! And it's getting pretty serious in the US as well. ;-P