10 March 2009

The Future

Spring has taunted us.
March does this to us every year.
We are always surprised by it to.

We'll have 60 degree weather, birds singing, sky blue, for a whole week. The following week brings a cold front and snow. It is so annoying. It's like candy corn near Halloween: You think "ooooo I love these things!" and the instant you eat one you're disgusted by that horrible amnesia you had. Those things are gross.

It's bound to warm up sometime though. I've had a feeling all along that this winter is not going to extend into April. It's gonna be shorter this year. (Not just because of climate change)

I've been thinking about what I'm gonna wear and do this summer (New England spring is too short lived to considered a real season).

First thing is first, Emma is getting a new computer downstairs. No ifs ands or buts about it. Once Kubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) is released, I'm loading it on the computer I picked up, and I'm bringing it home. She needs something to replace her hunk of junk.

Wheels. Unfortunately, not a car. I wont have the money for a vehicle for a while. The moment I get money I'll have to spend it on a housing deposit and school books. BUT! I'll get to break out my rollerblades. This is one wonderful thing I look forward to each year. I'm thinking of trying out something new this year too.

Action skates! This sounds dumber than it is.
I really wanna try it. If they work well, they'll be a small, optional, and detachable solution to rushing off to class or getting around quickly.

I'd only need one pair of footwear instead of two. That means less carrying shoes in a bag.

I should be picking up a new pair of brown converse sometime before the snow melts (unless I can find my beat up ones).

I'm gonna get a new hat and a pocket watch too.

I've gotta work work work to get money in my bank account AND have fun this summer. Oh boy do I need to work work work.

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