18 August 2009


An update…
I turned 21. The party was amazing. I had lot's of fun. Thanks to all that went. Thanks especially to Felix who got wicked dressed up with me. Totally badass top hat. We had a good pool party with a boston creme pie that Noah made. Fantastic cook, he is.
My internship this summer at Elbit Systems of America went very well. I had so much fun learning and working with such nice people. I learned a lot about the nitty gritty bits of Windows ( XP, it is a business ) and what I.T. actually does. I'll probably upload my presentation.
I noticed that there are a lot of people in the medical devision of Elbit who are starting to require Kubuntu Linux on their computers so they can develop (in Qt) for customers and such. I find this absolutely enthralling that something I’m interested in is actually being used in the corporate world (or at least the medical world).

I walked in the Cigna 5K with the group from Elbit. It was really fun. I think I’ll run next year. It’s just a simple race north down Elm, over to Canal, then south back to Victory Park. Really a good way to start off the 3 day weekend. (9 hour days = every other Friday off)
School is so close. I am so damn excited for this year to begin. I've got a great on-campus apartement, the kitchen is going to be wonderful. I've got some of my books already (thank goodness for the programming book. One book, three classes), and I'm going to get to see a lot more of my friends again. I miss chillin out with my anime club buddies. One more of my friends is joining me over at keene this year, and I'm very excited for it, Nicholas Pascoal. I also kinda miss working at Diversified Computers, so I'm very glad I'll be getting back to work there. Oh, and the nicest part of going back to school? I get to spend more time with Lena.

I bought a bunch more of the sipping chocolate I got at that kitchen place in the Mall of NH. It’s very wonderful. A bit of hot milk, and a bunch of the mix, et violà. It’s so delicious. This is what I’m going to be drinking on cold winter/fall nights.

I can’t wait to go rollerblading with Evan, who is my anime club/ PSP gaming / .hack role-playing buddy. He picked up a pair this summer, which is totally sick. I’ve been practicing by rollerblading from my house to Elm St. Going around Derryfeild park has really helped me learn to control my speed.
Lots of computer-y stuff going on this fall. Apple's OSX "Snow Leopard" is coming out. With means for $30 my computer will be twice as fast and I'll get 6 GB of my hard drive back from the OS. Windows 7 is going to bore me, like every windows release. Windows gets more complicated everytime I look at it. I'm glad I quit Microsoft. Kubuntu 9.10 is going to rock my socks halfway to the freakin' moon. Kubuntu 9.10, like snow leopard, is going to fix a huge number of quirks, bugs, and just add overall polish.
I was taken aback the other day, because for the first time in my life, I realized that my Kubuntu Linux computer just worked. Not just that it ran, but that video playback was smooth, with the 3D effects not jittering, all the devices I own work flawlessly, and i haven't had to disable anything to do anything else. I'm quite ambivalent about this. On one hand, I can really advertise linux to anyone who isn't locked into windows for a good reason. On the other, what am I to do with my time? There's nothing broken to fix. I guess I'll have to pick up the C++ and Qt books and start making programs.

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