18 September 2009

Re: How Should Mac Apps be Distributed?

I just read How Should Mac Apps be Distributed? which is a response to Improving the Mac Installer for Firefox

I see these kind of things all the time. It's one of the main things I make sure to cover during my intro to mac class at Diversified Computers: How to Install applications. People have no idea what the hell "disk image" even means. It's too technical and abstract for them. I don't blame them.


Here's my idea for Apple to make their lives easier. Let's make the simplest system simpler.

Take the whole download zip file, extract, and copy to Applications thing, and make it a single button. Kind of like apturl on Ubuntu or One-Click on SuSE Linux.

1-Click example

Ubuntu Apturl

The only difference, is that instead of calling the install from a centralized location, it would download the zip or dmg and automatically move the right files around, or run the right installer (for those that require it).

Afterwards, it should tell you it was successfully installed to the Applications folder, maybe even ask if you want to add it to the dock.

Then websites would have a wonderful "install" button that takes all the steps and reduces it to one!

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