29 January 2010

Project Announcement QGrub2Editor

So, I've been learning C++ and Qt at the same time. Kinda funny that. Honestly however, you only need to know C++ concepts in order to learn Qt.

Well, I've decided that whilst learning Qt, I aught to have a goal project in mind. I lieu of my last blog post, I figured GRUB2 configuration needed a GUI really badly.

By typical naming conventions, I've made this very direct and ugly name for it, QGrub2Editor.

So that's the interface in it's early stages. I'm sure I'll be changing this at some point.

Mostly, I'm trying to learn about how Grub2 works, populates entries (especially how it determines distro names, because I want it to autogenerate Kubuntu not Ubuntu for my entries).

Any help/thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.

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