10 February 2010

Google Voice

So, Google's services are completely boss and I cannot understand how they can afford to do all these things for free, even with adsense revenue.

So, I punch in a few things on my phone, they do some things. BAM! Now I have a new number to call for voicemail, but I don't need it. I can check my voicemail online. I can get a text of the transcript.

The transcripts are pretty funny sometimes. Online, you can listen to the message alongside the transcript, and they have the words they aren't too sure about in lighter grey text. Some of it's spot on, some of it is hilariously wrong. At least they know how sure they are.

This totally solves the problem of that little voicemail icon on my phone. It's like inbox numbers, or facebook status counts. Little icons and numbers that denote things not done bug the hell out of me. I always have to mark everything read. It's a sad compulsion, but back to google.

So yea. I really like Google Chrome now. Voice is ballin'. Talk is still nice. Blogspot rocks. Google Docs is so useful; Google Calendar is turning into my main calendar now.

Maybe Google Chrome OS wouldn't be such a bad thing to use on a netbook after all.

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