05 December 2010

Leaving the Apple World

4 December, I spent my final working hours at Diversified Computers. I worked as an educator, temp web developer, and occasional salesman at the Apple specialist for nearly 3 years.

It was an exciting and interesting experience that led to my involvement with a diverse range of older people. It was always a trying time getting Apple OS 9 users to understand how modern computers work, and fun to help someone learn how to turn their photos into Christmas cards and calendars. One gentleman, who was always concerned with his website and myriad of passwords, always said Cyberduck in the most amusing old man way.

I've moved away from iPhone development in preference of the Android platform, and hopefully someday, the Meego platform. Clearly more fun and more accessible, the tools being available on the big 3 OS's, rather than one.

I've also been dual booting on my macbook again to make development in several of my college courses easier. Honestly, I keep OSX around for testing my Qt apps' portability to OSX.

Not having the Mac Orientation class to teach anymore, I can focus on both studies and my Kubuntu book. Also, I have a feeling my next laptop is likely to be something I get with my Linux Foundation membership discounts to Dell, HP, etc. or System76.

Farewell Apple World, there were plenty of technical and software-human interaction ideas you taught me. Have fun turning your PCs into iPads.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you hated every minute... Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Sam said...

Don't misunderstand, I loved every minute of it.
The job was fantastic and Apple itself, though weird, is a great company with fine products.

I would recommend a Mac to anyone, especially over a Windows machine.

I'm just personally moving to a Linux-run world.