20 January 2011

Things to Do Before I Graduate

  • Go to a new restaurant at least every month
    • Mexican place on the big circle
    • Brick Oven pizza place near the Winchester circle
    • the vegetarian cafe on Roxbury St
    • Suggestions (remembering I'm a vegetarian)?
  • See a show at the colonial
  • Go to a bar or two
  • Attend another event at the starving artist
  • See another movie at the Putnam
  • Go to more parties with "the family"
  • Hang out with certain fabulous dudes and dudettes
  • Climb Mount Monadnock again
  • Take a walk in the park as far as it'll take me
  • Go to the movies with someone I haven't in a while/ever
  • Visit Nick Grillo
  • Celebrate fun holidays


tsune said...

Wow. I want to do a lot of these things too! I just have a lot less time, haha...

Zachary W Sarette said...

Two bars! Wow! That's ambitious! :P