14 December 2010

Food Times!

So I've been sick of pasta lately. I love it, but too much! So I decided to give it a go and try to make sushi and lo mein. Mad fun, but it came out so messy.

Got myself a nice knife and cutting board.


Sushi rolling is fun! The nori felt short and everything I did fell apart, but I enjoyed myself.

Messy goodness. The carrot/cucumber/cream cheese was a tasty and winning combo. However, the lo mein came out bland. I needed to fix it up, so I asked Lena for help. A bunch more veggies and soy sauce later...


Also, delicious fortune cookies.

All in all, a good experiment. I look forward to getting better and doing this for the new years party.


Anonymous said...

... how is lo mein not pasta?

Sam said...

Well, what I mean by sick of pasta, is sick of italian. Sick of noodles + tomato sauce + bread.