20 June 2008

New Video, Stuff, Lena

To Have Or Have Not

So, Wow. I finally got around to editing that sucker. It's much nicer with tunes to back it up.

Lots of stuff came in. My VGA switcher box came in. I need some VGA cables now. I'll Probably go to ESS (Electronics Surplus Store) tomorrow morning. My Converse Chucks came in. So happy about that, and on top of all that, my ipod battery came in. It's like christmas in June!

Yesterday I spent the day with Lena. It was such a nice day out. That girl is wonderful. She's so smart, and easy to talk to, and I can really be myself when we're together instead of loosing myself to an "us" like I did with a lot of past relationships. I happens when you're obsessive. She looked so gorgeous when we were walking in the woods after a swim in the lake, the light shimmering in her hair. *Melt* I love that girl. She cooked me turkey burgers. She apologizes for dumping oregano in it by accident, but I think that made them even tastier. Wonderful.

Seriously folks, Life couldn't get much nicer. I feel awesome, I am awesome, my buds are awesome (Graham with a new girl, Simon with a new car to play with), my job is awesome (one is a computer store where I teach, and the other is a gas station that's really laid back), and my girlfriend is awesome!

Awesomeness. Total Awesomeness.


linds said...

why did you guys need my side of the room anyway?

Sam said...

It was cleaner, and It was about where I could get cameras and lights.

Lena said...

omg i hate myself in it, but other than that its cute and i like the music you added and i love all of ryans soundeffects lol

Anonymous said...

yeah, good video though, I like it=]
sorry, I was in a really bitchy mood the other day.