21 July 2008

Weekend of awesome, Trilogy

So nearing the end of the week, I got my computer back up and running, installed kde 4.1 rc1. Whoa-boy, amazing. Neat stuff, seriously, I love the new login theme.

Anywho, on Saturday, I went to my first (and apparently the 3rd ever) ubuntu loco meeting. There seemed to be some issue with the disablement of mailing lists and use of IRC instead as a main means of communication. Well, duh, mailing lists are highly useful and IRC is something you need to be invited to at a certain time. Still, very cool people. Brian and I went and met Ark, Nikki, and Matt (not matt craig). Matt Craig seems interested in my promotion in Keene, that should be fun. I need to get that LUG started.

Sunday, I got to spend time with Lena. It's so wonderful when I get to see her. Next year, we are definetly getting an apartment in Keene. I could continue working at Diversified Computers in the summer, and we could be together all the time. We practically live with each other at school anyways, It would just mean having a bed bigger that twin to sleep in.

We saw The Dark Knight. Wow. One of the best written pieces of cinema I've seen in ages. Extremely well done. None of the usual superhero movie mistakes that Spiderman films exemplify. R.I.P. Heath Ledger, the Joker was one of the best bits of acting I've seen in my life. Worth the hype.

My brother, Noah's, reaction to the film confused me, though. I seem to understand it now. He said it was okay, but not worth the hype. He is a huge martial arts/fighting enthousiast. Now it makes sense. The fight scenes were typical modern hollywood fights. They realize the fighting sucks, so they mask it with blurry, moving, quick cuts. You never actually see the fighting with all the editing and shadow everywhere. Fight-wise, the movie did suck.

However, I focus on how much sense the story made sense and how beleivable the actors were. I write and act primarily. The story was DAMN beleivable, and that's what made the scary parts propperly scary. No one is a God, and no one is simply a plot-cog.

You might assume the "Trilogy" part of the title refers to batman. Actually, no. It refers to the weekends. This weekend rocked, next weekend is work and Lena's father's barbeque party.

We should all know what the 3rd of August is. I turn 20. I'm inviting my buds over for food, film, and fun.

Life is good, I just need to get another summer job, and financial aid.

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